We are a coaching and training agency that creates success stories with strong human touch. When the future requires a new kind of attitude and actions, you should talk with us. Our network covers the most experienced and talented people in the industry.

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Are you considering ways to coach and develop your people online?

We have experience in e-learning and web-based collaboration models since 2000.


Our services cover the development of organizations and people - from customer interface professionals to leadership teams. We don’t believe in copying the same practices from one organization to another. Instead, we always build an approach based on the situation and offer you the best team for your needs.

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Leading networks 
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Individual coaching for leaders 
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Qualities of a great team 
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Getting things done online
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Sales psychology
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Strategic planning
Business growth
Innovative new business models
Disruptive thinking


Jukka founded Zenable in 2014 and works as the head coach in the company. His main job has been helping people and organizations to develop and learn for almost 20 years. The focus of Jukka's work is finding new recipes for success and implementing new strategies together with customer organizations at a very practical level. 

In recent years Jukka has put special focus on organizational cultures and customer experience, as well as the change in mindset required by them. Shaping the leadership culture and working with management teams are familiar environments for an experienced professional, where Jukka excels because of his vast bank of experience. The use of technology in learning became familiar as early as year 2000, when a young man was surfing on the wave of the first e-learning hype.

Customers say that Jukka has a strong ability to see the essential and clarify the overall picture in challenging situations. In addition to the business university base, Jukka's educational background consists of studies based on solution focused approach, positive psychology and leadership theory. Jukka also has the background of a twenty-year career as a competing athlete, as well as many years spent as a sports coach, which - in his own words - is at least not a direct disadvantage. Sometimes, when Jukka finds time in the daily life of an entrepreneur and father of two sporty kids, he can be found in the woods or on the seashore walking with his camera.

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